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You need not to be an art director to realize that brands can deploy a plethora of ways to visually promote their offerings using unique methods of grasping attention. Deploying slow-motion video animation is one such effort to appear off as inspiring and desirable. Since videos have become the go-to option for businesses to make their mark, there’s no stopping to the world of slow-motion animated videos because of the strong impact that they deliver. The main reasons for its popularity are its inexpensiveness, ability to be done quickly, attention-grabbing and are just plain fun! To make the most of your slow-motion animated video and do wonders with your marketing, follow the tips mentioned below to excel:

Gather the Inspiration

In a stop-motion video, multiple pictures are taken of an object, by slowly and gradually moving the object until you have completed a whole scenario. Before starting, ensure that you are well-versed with the industry trends and the work others have done in the same genre. When it comes to slow-motion videos, the possibilities are endless. Ensure that you think of the theme beforehand and do your research well.

Start off by Planning

Every good video has a killer idea behind it and a proper plan in place to ensure that the objectives are met. It is vital to have a clear understanding of what you are about to do before stepping onto the time-consuming process of making a slow-motion video. Depending upon the video editing software, decide how many photos will be required for your scene to stay as planned. A 10-second video usually requires 800-100 photos.

Shoot with Caution

As you begin taking your photos, it’s imperative that you stay very precise and operate with care. Minutely manipulate your objects over multiple frames to obtain fluid motion. You must never, unless you are purposely opting for a certain effect, bump the camera, change camera settings or alter lighting. The best idea is to shoot test frames and try to complete each scene without intervention.

Twist Your Visual Content & Add Sound Effects

To make the animated video compelling, you will have to edit it to ensure everything works in synergy. Upload all the pictures on your computer and arrange them in a sequence. Adjust the colors and sharpness and remove any unnecessary frames. Find some appropriate and catchy music to best fit your video. Add sound effects at important moments in the video. 

Final Thoughts

In this digitally competitive world of today, you must stand out and be different so that customers remember you. Slow-motion is a rather new but an effective tool. Deploying a slow-motion video works in the best interest of your business because it helps you grasp attention and convey your message in a way that the customer loves. While a slow-motion animation video is sure to bring results, it must be made keeping the above tips in mind to ensure that the intended objective is achieved proficiently.

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